ICI Centre Consultants :

The ICI Centre team will guide you step by step and introduce you to the latest market trends and opportunities through providing you with Consultancy Services.

Benefits of ICI Centre Consultancy Services:

  1. Property Web-Marketing : ICI CENTRE is a commercial real estate online dashboard which allow you to promote your listings anywhere anytime, providing you with the digital exposure for flexibility and ease of use for an agreed duration.
  2. Property Photography: Photos will be taken to promote the property, with high resolution that would allow images to stand out on our website, featuring your listing and with an availability to upload up to 9 photos per listing
  3. Market Plan: Our consultants will walk you though a detailed plan for your property in the market of interest.
  4. Market Evaluation : The property will be evaluated and rated in the market according to specific criteria (including size, location, dimensions, space, features, appliances… etc).
  5. Consultant Assistance : Our consultants will take your criteria, test the demand rate in the market, work on providing you with the best deal and with reliable real estate opportunities to consider.
  6. Activity Report : A report covering all the related topics; which would be agreed upon during the meetings that will be held between the property manager or the landlord and the ICI Centre consultants.
  7. Copy of Legal Documents : Legal documents that will hold the rights of the landlord / property management rights for the sale/ lease of property will be presented, and explained thoroughly during the meeting.
  8. Unique ICI Centre Lawn Sign – This will be used to promote your property in the street or in the neighborhood area to let people take an action to call and book for an appointment.
  9. Appointment Scheduling : We schedule your appointments and allow visitors to come and look at your property with due respect to your availability at your convenience, through promoting the property listing.
  10. Resource Centre : The resource centre is your source of information; articles and news feed discussing your benefits from a real estate investment perspective and will address areas of interest.
  11. M.L.S. / Listing : This is a special service for USA and Canada provided by Licensed Realtors who are affiliated with our consultancy services.
  12. Social Media : The importance of social media and email marketing will allow users to preview, rate and share your listings on different social media channels or send it to a friend via direct email.

Optional Services :

  • Feature Sheet (30) Color Points
  • Market Analysis Report
  • Professional Photographer & HD Video
  • Home Staging Consultant
  • Open House Signs (2)
  • Directional Signs (2)

Terms and Conditions :

Our Consultancy services ensures the confidentiality standards addressed during the scheduled meetings. With the support of our corporate standards, we highly motivate private investors, real estate dealers, property managers and landlords to discover real opportunities when dealing with private consultants. In addition to the ensured terms and conditions, features and benefits and professional services, we provide the best rates with full transparency when dealing with a property of interest. Moreover, the significance of digital platform for real estate services have enhanced the users to learn more about our latest offers and access the information through portable devices.

 P.S.: We are not providing brokerage services and not trading in real estate – We are simply providing Consultancy Services!

Are you interested in Selling/Leasing your property for a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay?

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